Park Industriesrecently introduced theYUKON® II Upgrade Kitavailable for all YUKON® owners. The saw features enhanced machine controls, a bi-lingual language option, improved saw cutting speed and accuracy, and diagnostic screen capabilities. Compare the features and you will be surprised at the increase in efficiencies and production results, according to Park Industries.

The YUKON® II Upgrade Kit will allow operators to control the saw with the easy-to-use and intuitive joystick or the fast touch-screen computer control. Dual potentiometers allow operators to independently control out-of-stone speed and cutting feed rates. The upgrade also allows for 10 programmable cut widths, which is seven more programmable cuts than the previous YUKON®. With just a touch of the screen, the programming instructions and guidelines can be displayed in either English or Spanish.

The powerful 20hp arbor drive electric motor powers diamond blades up to 24 inches in diameter. In addition, the 1 hp crosstravel motor allows for a rapid traverse rate of 1 to 50 feet per minute which is twice as fast as some previous YUKON® saws. The new diagnostic screen allows operators to review the machines control status while providing helpful, onscreen directions and troubleshooting guidance.

Three different upgrade kits are available depending upon the current features of your YUKON®.

Circle No. 319

Barranca DiamondDouble Disk Grinderuses two 10-inch-diameter diamond grinding heads to smooth or clean the surface of stone floors. It is designed for easy leveling of uneven joints or high spots. The BD diamond grinding heads create a smoother finish compared to other methods such as scarifiers or scabblers. A 22-inch grinding width makes quick work of even large jobs, according to the company. The unique counter-rotating grinding heads create balanced torque, which provides ease of tracking and control. The unit is available in both gas and electric models.

Circle No. 318