Global E-Sourcing, Inc. is proud to offer SeKon TOP and SeCAM, machine automation software with advanced features such as automatic nesting and digitizing slab inventory, plus a new visualization module that previews the countertop from the cut slab before the slab is cut.

With this new visualization module fabricators can nest work pieces onto a digital image of the actual slab and preview the countertop. Now a customer’s sign-off can be obtained on those tricky seams before the slab is cut on materials with a lot of movement in the graining, according to Global E-Sourcing.

SeKon TOP is an easy-to-use CAM system for fully automated bridge saws and waterjets. TOP facilitates preparation of an order in a computer-integrated, uncomplicated and fast manner, which results in reduced machine programming labor and reduced remakes due to production errors. There is also an auto-nesting module for high production facilities that can nest multiple jobs in seconds and also improve slab yield. SeKon SeCAM can be similarly used to generate machine programs for milling machines and CNC machining centers.

These SeKon solutions also interface with Global StonePro, the most comprehensive countertop software solution suite in the industry to provide a seamless process, from quoting and drawing, job tracking and inventory management through production and machine control.