WAUWATOSA, WI -- Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction materials, and Artaic Innovative Mosaic, creator of architecturally compelling mosaics using its patented American robotic production, will be offering a unique creative competition to the architectural and design community.

According to Scott Banda, Director of Marketing of Bostik's Consumer and Construction Business Unit, "We're requesting that every top mosaic design virtuoso in the United States consider entering our upcoming contest. We're co-sponsoring Artaic's annual hospitality design competition, 'Design 'N Gather (DNG),' which allows top creatives to showcase their mosaic design skills to their peers. Finalists will be highly visible at HD Expo 2016, taking place in Las Vegas, NV, from May 4 through 6."

Banda went on to state the grand prize winner will be announced at the Bostik Hospitality Pavilion at the "Party by the Pool," HD Expo's legendary poolside celebration and one of the most highly-attended events of the exposition. This year's event will be held at the MGM's Wet Republic poolside bar and patio area -- with over 1,500 attendees.

In addition to a full-scale production of the winning mosaic design being unveiled at the Party by the Pool, there will also be an actual gallery of designs from the top ten finalists on display at the "Bostik Gallery Lounge," located inside the exhibit hall throughout the show.

"All entrants must submit their design as a 20- x 8-foot backlit feature wall," added Ted Acworth, Founder and CEO of Artaic. The Grand Prize-winning design will be fully constructed and on display at the Bostik Hospitality Pavilion at The Party By The Pool. All submissions must be designed using Artaic's Tessera™ design software and fabricated using the firm's robotic manufacturing technology. Bostik's Dimension™ Pre-Mixed, Glass-Filled Grout, which is available in 15 designer colors, must be used as the final design element of the mosaic.

The theme of the mosaic design takes its cues from the location -- Las Vegas. A unique, vibrant showplace where one that is not afraid to experiment with design and utilize high-impact materials and products. Bold and cutting-edge, are the pillars of both Bostik and Artaic's corporate principles. The mosaic design should embody these ideals -- through narrative and design, be it literal or abstract.

Those entering the contest by tendering their unique mosaic designs will be eligible to win a plethora of exciting prizes. The first 50 entrants will receive a VIP ticket to HD Expo's Party by the Pool (Value: $100; 1 per entrant); and a personal tour of Artaic facilities with Founder & CEO Ted Acworth, during their next visit to Boston, MA. The top 10 finalists will receive a decorative trophy mosaic panel of their design (approximately 1 x 2 inches) suitable for hanging on an office wall, major press coverage throughout 2016 in various industry publications and online portalsand extra tickets for HD Expo's Party by the Pool (Value: $100 per ticket; 3 tickets per finalist). The top three finalists will each receive free round-trip airfare to HD Expo in Las Vegas(Value: $500), as well as all of the items that the top 10 finalists receive.

The winner will receive a free trip for two to Paris, France (Value: $5,000), a free trip to the HD Expo in Las Vegas (Value: up to $1,000 including airfare, hotel and more), extra tickets for HD Expo's Party by the Pool (Value: $100 per ticket; 5 tickets), major publicity and press coverage re: HD Expo, along with all of the items that the top 10 finalists receive.

"Today's top hospitality designers are referring to Bostik's Dimension™ RapidCure™ Pre-mixed, Glass-filled Grout as 'another great design element,' which is absolutely unheard of in the grout world," said Scott Banda. "We all know creative mosaic tile designs for hospitality installations are increasing in popularity. That's why designers are insisting upon Dimension™ RapidCure™ Grout. This product is made of 60% recycled glass content and enables light to pass through the grout joint and into the tile itself, offering an aesthetic affect unseen in the industry today.

"Many designers have commented that it brings more depth or even a three dimensional appearance to clear glass tile installations," he went on to say. "Using this as the last step of the mosaic installation process ensures that outstanding, robotic productions by Artaic will not only be stunning -- they will also last for decades. We are looking for the best, most innovative, ultra-creative designs for our upcoming competition."