NOVI, MI - CounterVision, a joint venture between Chameleon Power and ETemplate Systems, was recently launched. With CounterVision, the fabricator can use an uploaded online image of the client’s actual home to display countertop options as they would appear in the actual room. It also allows fabricators to measure and quote the customer in the same visit, reducing the cost and inconvenience of multiple home visits during the selection and fabrication process.

Countertop and stone distributors as well as suppliers can load their own product materials or slab images to the CounterVision tool to allow customers to select right from the company’s Web site, order online and then request a meeting to confirm the selection in the showroom.

CounterVision is plugged into the Web site navigation of the fabricator or distributor and is populated with the products and materials they supply. The field salesperson or templater can photograph the project and load the image to a computer during the appointment.

“CounterVision gives fabricators the freedom to offer countertop surfacing, flooring, wall colors and other complementary surfacing to painlessly expedite the selection process,” said Dan Dempsey, CEO of Chameleon Power. “The fabricator can now use one image as the template for the actual countertop measurements and as the selection photograph.”

The Web portal version,, is a service that will generate leads for participating fabricators, distributors and designers. Homeowners and designers will view materials and projects, and have the option to load their own image for decorating online and request referrals to a local distributor or fabricator.

“Fabricators will be able to photograph, measure and quote the homeowner in one visit, while the homeowner selects materials to finalize the transaction,” said Paul Hansen, CEO of ETemplate Systems. “We are combining proven technologies to benefit the industry, providing a total solution to enhance the way countertop surfacing is specified and sold.”