INCHEON, KOREA - Shinhan Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. recently succeeded in the development of Arix technology, which enables automatic and even distribution of diamond particles in diamond tips used in saw blades for stonecutting. This development will result in higher cutting rates for stoneworking shops, the company reports.

“The utilization of Arix technology makes the arrangement of diamond grits evenly distributed among metal powder in bond - thus, in turn, enables users to enjoy enhanced and uniform cutting efficiency,” explained Shinkyung Kim, president of Shinhan, who also stated that Arix-technology-applied tools have features which improve cutting speed by 30% and extend tool life by 100%.

With this new technology in place, Shinhan expects its ratio of market share to increase from 2% to 10% within five years. Shinhan is also well known in the construction circle of Korea through its wire saw products, and its products are available in North America through Braxton-Bragg Corp. of Knoxville, TN.