Sure-Guide offers Sure-Guide - a patent pending,self-lubricating drill guide system, complete with case. The product has transformed the multi-person task of drilling holes in natural stone slabs, into a single user application, according to the company. President Jeff Hechlte designed and developed this easy-to-carry, one-handed system, after years of his own fabrication experience. “Preventing run-way etching, burning and cracking upon break through, are just some of the key benefits,” he said. “Fabricators find it is so easy to use, and it creates clean and precise drilling applications with no mess.” Sure-Guide comes with four different easy-to-carry sized guides, while the basic unit and a guide fit in your pocket. “You can't erase a slab mistake - with Sure-Guide you only can increase production and profits,” said Hechlte.

Circle No. 309

Richel, Inc.has introduced theDardi waterjet systems, available in three standard table sizes. With the shortage of used waterjets growing and prices rising, the opportunity to supply a new lower-priced, yet high-quality waterjet, presented itself, reports the company.

The Dardi waterjets are complete abrasive systems built with some of the best components available worldwide. They come with the full support of the Richel team, including software and technical support, spare parts, installation and training.

Circle No. 321

TheQuick TablefromThibautoffers a simple, reliable and profitable solution to the company's CNC range, according to the company. Fabricators who have purchased Thibaut CNC centers, which are equipped with the Quick Table are fully satisfied, Thibaut reports. Furthermore, the preparation of a new piece can be carried out while the machine is working. To put a piece in production, the operator only has to slide it under the machine.

Circle No. 318