Park Industrieshas developed newmarketing pieces to help promote natural thin stone veneerto distributors and consumers. During the last three years, the popularity and availability of natural thin stone veneer has grown substantially, reports the company. With the introduction of the Park ThinStone® TXS Fabrication System, and more recently the TXS-4500, quarries and stone yards are able to produce natural thin stone veneer efficiently and less costly than traditional chop saw methods.

“Customers who are interested in purchasing a ThinStone® TXS Fabrication System or TXS-4500 have asked us how to market natural thin stone veneer, both to distributors and consumers,” explained Jeff Walerius, Architectural Sales Manager. “Our goal is to help our customers succeed, so, we decided to develop marketing pieces that our potential customers could use to help them promote their natural thin stone veneer product.”

By partnering with Montana Rockworks, Park Industries has developed nine different marketing pieces that showcase the beauty, authenticity and durability of natural thin stone veneer. “Customers are able to use the layout and design of the pieces,” said Stephanie Kadlec, Public Relations Manager. “By providing photographs of their stone, our customers will have attractive brochures and posters that are tailored to their stone and operations in just a matter of days.”

“We do more than sell machines,” said Walerius. “Our goal is to help our customers succeed, which is why we developed these marketing materials to help sell and promote natural thin stone veneer.”

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