Touchstonehas introduced theQuik Set Lamp, a fabrication shop heat lamp for cold and wet stone. The heavy-duty, moveable lamp is designed and tested to work with Touchstoneâ„¢ epoxies to improve cure speed and quality, reports the company.

Advantages include:
  • Reduced cure time
  • Dries and removes moisture from stone
  • Great for cold shops
  • Improves production capabilities
  • Quality enhancement
  • Ease of use - 110 volt
  • 2.5 foot x 3 to 4 foot coverage area
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Multi-shop and jobsite use
The Quik Set Lamp is also used to remove moisture from stone to improve the application of adhesives, including polyesters.

Circle No. 313

Omni Cubed Design, LLChas introduced a newBacksplash Holder, a solid-surface installation tool used to position and stabilize backsplashes and other vertical surfaces. The product offers a quick and convenient solution to achieve high-quality, consistent backsplash placement. The holder features a durable hand-pump vacuum cup, which provides full-contact reliable hold, and if needed, the cup can be re-pumped without losing the remaining vacuum. The spring-loaded holding arm maintains constant pressure while adhesive sets, and also allows variable pressure settings. The holder's soft vinyl cap prevents scratching of backsplash surfaces. The holders are made in the U.S. from long-lasting anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel components.

Circle No. 312

The newDiarex Pro Series Color Enhancer, available exclusively fromGranQuartzof Tucker, GA, is a sealer that gives stone an aged and “wet look” effect. It can deepen the color of stone edges to match the polished surface. Perfect for enhancing the color of stone, this product is suitable for all natural stone regardless of finish type.

It provides immediate color enhancement, is fully cured within one hour, and the treated surface is water repellent within 24 hours, according to the manufacturer. The Pro Series Color Enhancer is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The Diarex Pro Series Color Enhancer is available in a 1 Quart size.

Circle No. 311