Global E-Sourcing, Inc.has added another dimension to its powerful business management software suite of solutions for the countertop industry -Global StonePro Webâ„¢. The latest module is an add-on to its Global StonePro Webâ„¢ solution that allows the user to simply choose from a library of kitchen and bath standard layouts, and then pick the countertop material, cabinet finish, backsplash treatment, flooring materials and wall paint to visualize the project's end result.

This tool can be used in conjunction with existing Web sites as a lead generation tool or by sales people in a showroom, or even in the customer's home, according to the company. Global StonePro Webâ„¢ now provides the following functionality: lead management, visualization, quoting, sales contract, scheduling, inventory management, order management, subcontractor and project management, automated task lists and the ability to attach any file remotely to a project.

In addition, the company announced thelatest internet-based tools to help connect the stone and allows stone manufacturers, distributors, fabricators and dealers to expand their reach beyond what was previously thought imaginable to search for and source blocks, slabs and sheet stock through an internet-based portal designed specifically for the stone business. Users may list their products for sale or may search the site for blocks, slabs and sheet rock from anywhere in the world.

A common problem for stone fabricators and craftsman is the liquidation of remnants. Now the industry has a cost-effective tool for turning this trapped inventory into cash, the company reports. is a tool for fabricators and craftsmen to locate smaller lots of inventory and slab remnants. Users may search and sort the site in a variety of ways, for example, by distance from a specified location, by color, price point, slab or sheet size.

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Buechel Stone Corp. has recently launched its newNatural Thin Veneer (NTV) Value Product Line, which offers a fresh new range of colors, is aggressively priced to compete with manufactured stone, and is available in building, fireplace and accent stone, according to the company.

The stone types featured in the Value Product Line include: Chilton Country Squire, Chilton Webwall, Chilton Sedona Rustic, Chilton Heritage Blend, Fond du Lac Country Squire, Fond du Lac Heritage Blend, Fond du Lac Webwall, Pine Log, Whispering Pines Pioneer Blend, Whispering Pines Fieldstone and Whispering Pines Ledgestone. All of the products are 100% natural quarried stone, and color ranges include buff, red, gray, pine, mauve, brown, tan and charcoal.

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Tiger Eye

Stone Mart, one of the largest purveyors of ancient natural stones, supplies “the real antiques” of the earth, reports the company.

Wild Agate

Dazzling, large-scale, fossil-laden onyx, amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and other exquisite stones that date back well beyond the rarest Grecian or Mesopotamian artifacts, are among the countless varieties available. The stones have been excavated from nearly every country around the globe, from the lush and exotic Brazilian Amazon to the barren deserts on the African continent.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Stone Mart, located in North Hollywood, provides an exquisite product to many of Los Angeles' top interior designers and architects, furnishing celebrity homes, top businesses, and namely in Las Vegas, throughout world-renowned resorts such as The Bellagio, The Wynn and The Venetian.

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Flow-Go Systems LLCoffers a positive drain (pre-sloped)trench drain systemwith load ratings that range from being able to withstand pedestrian traffic to being able to withstand fork lifts. Flow rates are 100 to 300 gallons per minute. These products are readily available, and the channels are numerical in sequence. They feature a tongue-and-groove design with directional arrows, and using a patented installation system, they can be installed within days. Flow-Go Systems LLC also provides retrofitted grates for trenches that have already been formed.

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