Marmo Machinery USAhas announced the availability of theCNC waterjet machine, which is capable of cutting complex granite and marble countertops in a single pass.

The CNC waterjet cuts at a rate of 11.8 inches per minute on marble and granite with thicknesses up to 4.7 inches. These cuts are made by high-pressure water mixed with garnet, requiring no tools to change or stock. Electronic metering provides the correct mixture of abrasive and water for optimum machine cutting performance, reports the company.

Cuts require approximately 1 gallon per minute of recycled water, are more accurate than bridge saws and do not use diamond tooling, according to Marmo Machinery. The waterjet can cut complex interior pockets that bridge saws cannot touch, and all tool movements are precisely controlled by a user-friendly CNC.

In addition, the machine has a welded steel frame. It uses a working table dimension of 10.5 x 6.5 feet and handles a load with maximum dimensions of 9.8 x 5.2 feet. Linear guideways provide axis movement and are powered by precision ball bearing screws.

Other CNC waterjet specifications include a weight of 6,834 pounds, 50 hp pump motor and 220/380 V 50/60 HZ electrical power requirements.

Circle No. 298

The Pro-Edge IVcomputer-controlled edge shaping and finishing machine, fromPark Industriesof St. Could, MN, produces more finished lineal feet of material per hour - even with the most demanding edge types and on the hardest materials - than can be done by manual methods, reports the company.

The new touch-screen operator interface on the Pro-Edge IV has a bright display, which includes additional help screens. And, with just a touch of a button, operators can select their language preference - English or Spanish. The new operator interface also allows for flash card software updates.

The look and durability of the Pro-Edge IV has been enhanced compared to the legendary Pro-Edge III. The powder-coated painted C-Arm has an extremely durable finish, which can withstand the toughest conditions. Also, the new mitre travel cable carries puts less strain on cables and hoses as they move, and the solid table is a very sound, strong structure. The Pro-Edge IV has a 24V DC control voltage, which is reliable and easier to troubleshoot. Additional safety features have been added, including running warning lights and horns.

A variety of convex edges (3/8 inch to 6 inches thick) and flat edges (3/8 inch to 4 inches thick) up to 12-foot long can be shaped and polished on the Pro-Edge IV. The Pro-Edge IV can also shape and polish concave and ogee edges, and it can store up to 70 programmable, repeatable edge profiles, allowing for quick and easy machine set-ups.

Circle No. 297

Thibautcompletely re-designed theT 108 V4 range, which now represents the most powerful models in the company's series. The T 108 L is based on 5 m wall element and automatic longitudinal shiftings. The “L” version fully benefits the evolution of the generation V4, according to Thibaut. It features higher working capacities - 3300 x 1300 mm - and automatic longitudinal functions (edge profiling, drilling and sawing). The T 108 L V4 also benefits from an improved housing, which increases protection of a guiding system. According to the company, the T 108 is one of the most worldwide sold multi-purpose stoneworking centers, and it requires only three training days. Thibaut considers the V4 generation one step beyond the previous version.

Circle No. 296