Farr Air Pollution Control (APC)has produced a new CD that provides acomprehensive electronic catalogof the company's dust, mist and fume collection equipment. The CD contains in-depth information on dust collectors for all types of applications, including the popular line of Gold Series® cartridge collectors with patent-pending HemiPleat™ filter technology.

Product literature, technical data, application guidelines, photos and drawings, and PowerPoint presentations are included for key products. The CD also contains a library of technical papers and case studies on dust collection topics.

Circle No. 298

Thibautis now distributing atri-fold brochurehighlighting its T818 Access CNC stoneworking machine, which is available in North America from EuroStone Machine of Atlanta, GA. The machine features three or four axes, an integrated handling system and handles a work capacity of 3200 x 1800 mm. The T818 utilizes TIBO/CAD/CAM software that is adapted to stone processing. According to the brochure, the machine is ideal for processing granite, marble, agglomerates and synthetic materials.

Circle No. 297

Cold Spring Granite Co.has recently introduced its latest piece ofliterature introducing Kasota Valley Limestoneâ„¢to the marketplace.

Architects and owners seeking strength, beauty and permanence in their structures are choosing natural stone from Cold Spring Granite for structural buildings, landscapes and civic memorials, the company reports.

While granite and limestone each have individual appeal and strength, the combination of these complementary stones is prevalent in the construction industry. When used together, granite and limestone build upon the strength of each material to create an enduring combination of performance and beauty, according to Cold Spring Granite Co.

Circle No. 296