Marmo Machinery USAhas published atri-fold brochureentitled “The Guide to Production & Profit Growth,” which features descriptions and pictures of the company's bridge saws, polishers, waterjet and CNC machines.

Three models of bridge saws are available, including the HTO-1/B, the HTO-Garbi and the HTO-2/H. The range of these models suits all sizes of fabricating shops, according to the manufacturer. The HTO-1/B uses a 20 hp motor that cuts approximately 100 lineal feet of 3 cm granite per hour. The HTO-Garbi features motorized bridge movement and a rotating table, as well as adjustable cutting and movement speeds. The HTO-2/H is primarily used for sawing large blocks of granite or other building stones.

According to the brochure, six models of high-production, continuous-feed edge machines are available in either horizontal or vertical processing configurations. These include the LCT 522 CAI, LTT 621, LCH 711 M, LCV 711 M, LTH 721 and LCH 711 M-2L (V-Groove).

CNC milling machines include the CTEC 2, CTECH 3 and CTECH 4. The CTECH machines range from a 100- x 47-inch worktable to a 141- x 62-inch table with automatic tool changer. Each machine offers a 7.5 hp spindle motor and digitizer capability. The waterjet machine can cut 300 mm per minute, quickly cutting complex granite and marble countertops in a single pass.

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Blanco'snew booklet, “Choosing Your Kitchen Sink,”is a step-by-step guide for designing this heavily utilized area. It shares the thought process necessary to decide what works with individual lifestyles, including materials, bowl depth, installation choices, custom accessories and much more. Not only is the booklet ideal for consumers, but it also serves as an excellent refresher course for design professionals as well as a solid training tool for showroom salespeople, the company reports.

A checklist on page three works as a guide to introduce the variety of elements to consider when designing the sink area. According to Blanco, it is a great place to jot notes and thoughts for both a primary sink and a secondary sink as you shop and gather information.

In addition, the booklet provides extensive details on stainless steel and granite sink materials to help individuals decide which works best for their lifestyle, cooking style and the way they use their kitchen.

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