Custom® Building Productsrecently introducedProLite™ Tile and Stone Mortar, which is formulated with Custom's proprietary CustomLite™ Technology. ProLite is up to 40 percent lighter than traditional mortars, and is the second high-performance, lightweight mortar in Custom's lightweight line, reports the company.

ProLite's high performance and light weight make it ideal for setting large-format floor and wall tile without slumping or sagging. High flexibility and bond strength mean that ProLite is effective for installing a wide range of tile and stone, including ceramic and even difficult-to-bond-to porcelain and glass tile. ProLite is versatile and can be used as either a thin-set or medium-bed mortar.

Because it is formulated with CustomLite Technology, ProLite offers the same creamy consistency and preferred working characteristics that reduce installer fatigue and have made Custom's other lightweight products a favorite among tile professionals. With ProLite weighing up to 40 percent less than competitive, cement-based mortars, a 30-pound bag covers the same area as a 50-pound bag of traditional mortar, according to Custom Building Products. ProLite comes packaged with a built-in handle, making it easier to carry and use on the job.

Circle No. 295

ProSoCo'snew premiumStand Off® Stone Polishshields honed and polished stone surfaces from most staining contaminants while deepening and enriching the natural luster and color of the stone, reports the manufacturer.

The newest addition to ProSoCo's popular Stand Off® line of products for cleaning, care and maintenance of valuable interior stone, Stone Polish works on granite, marble, limestone - polished or unpolished - and most manufactured stone.

The easy-to-use protective treatment is suitable for both professional and consumer use. It requires no special protective gear or procedures. Simply dab Stone Polish on a lint-free cloth and gently rub it into the stone surface.

Stone Polish dries to touch in about an hour, and cures in 24 hours, leaving a beautiful high-gloss finish that resists scratching, scuffing and staining, and makes maintenance cleaning faster and more effective.

Circle No. 296