Specially created for the medium-small marble-shop, the Comandulli Penta edge polisher, available in North America from AGM, is a small-sized conveyor belt machine for straight edges, which assures high production with low energy consumption, the company reports.

It can perform finishing operations such as calibration, straight edge processing, bevels, lower and upper grooves and edge profiling with shaped wheels on marble and granite slabs.

In addition to countertops, the machine can process window sills, steps, surrounds and other architectural products ranging from 10 to 60 mm in thickness.

The machine features an electro-welded steel structure and a system for workpiece locking by means of pneumatic pistons. It also offers the possibility of simultaneously polishing straight edges on slabs of different shapes and thicknesses.

The machine has independent controls for each spindle, so operators can choose the exact point of approach or detachment of all working wheels.