Hard Rock Tool is now the exclusive dealer of the revolutionary Mach5, which was debuted during StonExpo 2005. Since then, it has made an enormous impact on shop owners and fabricators. The tool was developed by stone professionals that wanted an alternative to paying the high costs of profile edging machines while utilizing the tools they already have.

The Mach5 uses a unique attachable plate that squares the tool to the stone. From there, a specialized hydro system directs water to the cutting/polishing wheel and beneath the plate to eject cut debris and provide smooth operation. The tool is small enough to edge tile and backsplashes, and can even be used on the jobsite.

The Mach5 attaches to most standard wet-stone polishers (air or electric) available in the market, transforming it into a profile edging system that grinds and polishes both marble and granite. The attachment is very easy to use, and is virtually indestructible, according to the company. Best of all, the cost is a fraction of the amount you would have to pay to purchase a profile-edging machine.

Shop owners can save money and time on both training and edging with this amazingly easy-to-use system, reports Hard Rock Tool.

Circle No. 293