From a geological point of view Amazonite is classified as a quartzite, specifically a metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz, element capable of making it resistant. Precisely, it consists of a granite pegmatite, a rock created by different minerals which, placed side by side, create the shades that define the stone: turquoise, sea green and emerald green.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, Amazonite is a natural stone particularly suitable, for example, as a kitchen top – in fact, it is not exposed to acid-based organic elements – or in bathrooms and SPAs, where the use of detergents and sanitizers is more frequent.

Its shades, which vary according to the veins and the complex color textures, make Amazonite convenient for both residential and contract interior design projects; its presence in a setting is in fact able to catalyze attention and determine the atmosphere. For more information and to view the exclusive collection, visit