The book, “Stone by Design: The Artistry of Lew French,” delves into the power and beauty of stone, celebrating both its form and function, and is now available from publisher Gibbs Smith. Using the natural shape and texture of stone, rather than cutting it to fit his purpose, Lew French has created some of the most unique stonework seen anywhere.

French began working with stone at the age of 19 - not knowing it would become his life's passion. Including projects such as contemporary hearths of rustic slate, sculptured walls of granite and meandering garden paths of weathered fieldstone, the book is a tour of French's work. It explores how each project was created, how his ideas came to be, and even how one of his most difficult pieces was saved from ruin the day it was completed. Additionally, the publication contains narrations by French and photography by Alison Shaw.

French has been featured in the New York Times, House Beautiful, The Boston Globe Magazine, Architectural Digest and Metropolitan Home.

He has also been featured on HGTV”s “Modern Masters” and local programs in the Northeast.

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