VIRE, FRANCE -- On May 3, 2005, Bernard Thibaut, founder of the Thibaut Co. in Vire, France, passed away at age 70.

Thibaut was well known for his simplicity, honesty and sense of respect. He started his business, which has been brought to an international leading position with 125 employees, with his wife in 1959.

Thibaut had a perspicacious view of the future, hence he decided, rightly, to transmit his company to his sons Jacques and Christopher Thibaut (respectively Chairman and Managing Director of the company since 1998). To do so, he began training them in their teenage years on technical matters and on foreign languages.

Thibaut has brought a lot to the stone business while innovating permanently and wrote many patents. He had a genuine passion for his job, as granite was his life, and many customers became his friends.

The Thibaut family has been very grateful to the sympathy shown for the death of Bernard Thibaut, and wishes to express their sincere thanks to customers, suppliers and partners for their support. The family also wishes to apologize for any person, which they might have, by oversight, forgotten.