Kirkstone[r] has recently distributed a new brochure showcasing the company's collections of English slate. Included in the publication are Kirkstone's two varieties of green slate, Kirkstone Sea and Silver Green, as well as its Brathay Blue Black slate, which is featured on the cover. Samples of each stone are pictured at the front of the brochure, which also provides technical information about the company's products, including detailed laboratory and analysis tests for Sea and Silver Green. Additionally, it contains a section on wall and floor tiling, which describes the variety of installations that Kirkstone products are used for, including light domestic use as well as heavy pedestrian traffic areas such as shopping centers and commercial buildings. Also, the brochure provides sections on cladding, stairs, sills and copings, worktops, vanities and maintenance. A list of key architectural projects featuring Kirkstone's natural stone products is also presented. The list includes banks, colleges, retail stores and corporate offices, among others.
Circle No. 290