The operation of Marmi Bruno Zanet dates back to 1958, when a gentleman named Bruno Zanet set out to find new stones and colors to introduce to the market. The company, located in Volargne in the Province of Verona, Italy, has grown significantly since its early days, and is now a family-run business. In particular, Zanet's children, Giorgio and Roberta, have assumed leadership roles.

Through the years, Marmi Bruno Zanet has made large financial investments to increase its production and overall growth. The company currently employs a staff of 450 and maintains eight storage yards in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Additionally, it has recently expanded its storage yard in Vitoria, Brazil, and added a state-of-the-art fabricating facility, with state-of-the-art equipment from Gaspari Menotti for block processing and producing slabs, including resin-treated products.

In its nearly 50 years of operation, the company's objective has not wavered. With quarries around the world, Marmi Bruno Zanet searches for unique materials to offer to its customers. This year alone, the company has introduced 12 new stones. These include Twister, Delirium, Bordeaux, Golden Paradise, Tuscania, Shamrock, Golden Coast, Honey, Giallo Argento, Arthemis, Castor Blue and Blue Coffee. Moreover, Marmi Bruno Zanet offers a broad range of granites, marbles, onyxes, quartzites and travertines.

With its state-of-the-art fabricating facilities in place, Marmi Bruno Zanet has the capabilities of producing top-of-the-line finished materials. In addition to its extensive line of stone materials, the company also offers a variety of finishes.

Marketing is considered an important part of the company's strategy for growth and success. Marmi Bruno Zanet attends stone exhibitions throughout the year to promote its products. The company will be exhibiting this year at Marmomacc 2005, which is held in its home region of Verona, Italy.