SOUTHFIELD, MI - Marmo Meccanica USA, a leading distributor of precision machinery to process marble and granite, announced that it has changed its name to Marmo Machinery USA. The name change, announced by President Phil Mularoni, is effective immediately.

The name change was made to reflect the company's transformation from a single sourcing supplier to an integrated supplier of bridge saws, polishers, CNC machines, water jet machines, and environmental equipment sourced from all over the world. “Our new name represents our status as an American company and supports our vision to be a vertically integrated supplier with robust development capabilities and a worldwide capacity to source products,” Mularoni said. “While we once sourced products only from Marmo Meccanica, our product line has expanded to include: E.A.M. di Pierucci O., Sigma, Canigo, etc.”

The name change is part of a re-branding effort that includes a new logo that graphically represents global sourcing capabilities. In addition to the new name and logo, a new tag line - “Sourcing the World's Finest Equipment” - has been developed to complete the company's new brand identity. “The new Marmo Machinery USA name, logo and tag line will help position our company as a modern, aggressive and competitive company that is looking forward to serving our North American customers with confidence and flexibility,” Mularoni said. “Successful companies are con-stantly updating, changing and adapting to the business environment and customers' changing needs. We are, and will continue to be, one of those companies.”

Marmo Machinery USA is a distributor of marble, granite and engineered stone machinery and equipment sourced from around the world. Marmo Machinery USA sells and services bridge saws, edge polishing machines, CNC equipment and waterjet machines as well as environmental equipment such as dust collection systems and water reclamation systems. For further information, see