Pedrini has created a new Solar M945 bridge saw. This latest model, which is available in models for cutting marble and granite, features a disc with a 1600-mm diameter and a useful cut capacity in length of 4000 mm, integrating the models LUX M920 (disc max. 725 mm) and Universal M940 (disc max. 900 mm).

Solar M945 is an automatic cycle machine for cutting blocks up to 620 mm thick. It is equipped with a vanishing disk guard, reducing the noise level, and with a sturdy system, composed of two front columns and one rear column, supporting and driving the spindle in the vertical stroke of 700 mm.

The spindle is controlled by two twin motors, which enabled Pedrini to reduce the machine height as well as to use a vertical driving system perfectly balanced to the mass distribution. Two “V” guides with very long c/c distance in the bridge structure provide a wide supporting and guide base for the carriage, ensuring straight cuts and a low tool consumption.

The passage cut for the material can be programmed with a “swinging” system, eliminating unproductive stops at each end of the stroke.