Custom Building Products recently introduced its revolutionary new Platinum[tm] Tools line. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of leading tile installation professionals, these innovative new tools create new standards in professional tile installation products.
Through its Platinum line, Custom has literally reinvented the tools necessary for installing stone and tile, from notch trowels and grout floats to mixers, tile nippers and knee pads. Each Platinum Tool is crafted of the highest-grade materials, and engineered specifically to improve performance, durability and comfort. Unique features and fine details distinguish every Platinum Tool, allowing installation professionals to work more efficiently and comfortably, spend less energy and achieve spectacular results, according to the company.
“We approached the development of our Platinum Tools with a genuine passion, taking a fresh look not just at how tools should be designed, but how they are actually used by professionals in the field,” said Jon Miller, product manager for Custom Building Products. “We worked side by side with professional installers and watched how they use their tools, and then used our experience and manufacturing expertise to create a line of tools that go beyond the ordinary.”
The Platinum notch trowel surpasses typical trowels with a patent-pending notch pattern that allows greater contact while requiring less pressure; improving performance while easing installer fatigue. Platinum's grout float is made of solid Polyproxylene[tm] and is built to last, reports the company. Custom's Platinum tile nippers are engineered to break the hardest tiles using only half the effort required for typical nippers. The company's knee pads offer extraordinary fit, comfort and durability, as they match knee cap contours and provide crucial support and protection. Unlike ordinary, heavy-duty drills, the Platinum mixer is designed specifically for low-speed mixing of mortar, grout and self-leveling products to reduce the amount of air blended in.
Circle No. 294