Grante frames an arched window

Granite was also used for the benches.
MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MI -- Visitors to the Resurrection Cemetery will notice a recent addition to the cemetery's lawn. The McLeod family memorial -- designed by Mark Salzman and built by the private estates division of Cold Spring Granite Co. -- has been uniquely designed, from its Lake Superior Green granite to a series of intricate bronze reliefs, which utilized Cold Spring's new engraved bronze process.

"The whole design evolved after several meetings with the family," said Salzman. "We wanted to develop something special, with the focus on the life of Christ and Mary in particular."

Working on that theme, Salzman developed a design that centered on a 12-foot Gothic arch rising behind a life-size sculpture of Madonna holding a child. Within the arch is a series of bronze icons depicting events in the life of Christ. Salzman worked with his brother, a Byzantine iconographer, to design the appropriate icons. Mike Neu, Regional Manager for Cold Spring Estates and the project manager for the McLeod memorial, said this was the first significant test of the company's proprietary CNC bronze engraving system. The company is now using the process extensively in its Granit Bronz product line for all types of bronze memorial work.

In addition to the bronze work, Cold Spring Granite also overcame other challenges in building the memorial. The Gothic arch required demanding radial mold work and the individual manufacturing of numerous granite pieces. It also had to be flanked by two granite columns and mounted on a three-stepped circular floor. Extending outward from the arch is a walkway, containing two in-ground vaults, which extend back to a granite bench.

The memorial exclusively used Lake Superior Green granite, but was varied in color and texture by being polished in some places and thermal finished in others.