LE. SA. Marmi was founded in 1982 in Custonaci, Trapani, and over the years, the company has developed as a quarrier and producer of finished products, such as slabs, tiles and other items. And to remain competitive, it has continually upgraded its equipment, including the addition of a new tile line representing the latest machinery in the marketplace.

The company's quarries are both in Custonaci, and produce Perlado di Sicilia as well as Perlatino, which it refers to as “The Sicilian Gem.” LE. SA.'s factory has nearly 12,000 square feet of covered space, and the overall property includes over 180,000 square feet of land. The company's largest seller is 12- x 12-inch tiles, and it also produces smaller architectural elements such as sills, thresholds and stairs. Together, these items comprise 70% of overall production. Standard tile sizes are as large as 24 x 24 inches and also include rectangular pieces of 24 x 12 inches and other varieties.

The company's tile production recently received a boost when it purchased a tile line from Pedrini S.p.A. The tile line has helped achieve a monthly production total of over 160,000 square feet, and overall tile production is carefully monitored by quality control experts before material is shipped.

The company also uses a BM frame saw for production into 2-cm and 3-cm slabs, and this sector represents 30%

of overall business. A waste water clarification plant has also been installed to ensure that the recycled water is used during processing.

The company, which has 25 workers, exports most of its production, particularly to the U.S. market as well countries such as Morocco and Saudi Arabia.