A look of grace and elegance has made its mark on a Scottsdale, AZ, residence by mixing Old World style with Mediterranean influence. In creating a sophisticated and warm interior environment for this 12,168-square-foot residence, many elements were featured to produce the perfect theme for the home. In particular, Durango ViejoTM limestone was chosen to shape the desired look.

The design goal of this project was to make the interior residence something that no one else had ever seen, according to F. O. Buck of Paradise Valley Mountainside Homes, LLC. The builders were not only seeking a unique design, but they also wanted to create a feeling that visitors would feel as if they stepped into a 100-year-old house. The Durango Viejo limestone was selected because its color and texture helped to obtain this effect.

Before making the final decision on the material, many other stones were considered. “We looked at every granite and travertine you could think of,” said Buck. “We also went to many quarries to find the perfect stone. The decision was made simply because, from what I saw, the best quality stone was the Durango Viejo.”

The limestone was used for a large portion of the home. It was used for flooring, trims, stair treads and risers, basins and as facing for the kitchen island. Sizes included 8- x 8-, 8- x 16-, 12- x 12-, 16- x 16-, 24- x 24- and 16- x 24-inch tiles. The walls had 5,000 square feet of limestone, and the floors consisted of 1,000 square feet of the Durango Viejo in a 13-piece pattern. This was unusual for the design of a house’s floor, according to Buck, and is just one example of an element that makes this project unique from other designs. The Durango Stone™ was also used for architectural pieces such as the fireplaces.

All of the Durango Viejo limestone was completed with Truly TumbledTM finish, adding to the antique feel for each of the rooms. This finish results in a limestone surface that is worn and weathered with rounded edges.

Turkish marble was used outside of the entrance, and Durango Stone™ travertine slabs were chosen for certain parts of the house, including Amarillo slabs at one of the fireplaces and Noche travertine slabs for the vanity tops as well as the tub surround. The design in the bathrooms also includes trim of Emperador Dark marble with a waterjet-cut flower pattern in white marble. Another stone that completed the house was Raja Red slate, which was used for the deck.

“The two- to three-month installation of the products and materials, with six full-time workers for this home, was pretty standard,” said installer Joe McGregor of JT and the Boys. The installation method for the upstairs was a mud set and the downstairs was perma bond. A standard grout was used, and all of the setting products were from Custom Building Products. A challenge during the project was presented by one of the larger fireplaces, which weighed 10,000 pounds and was quite large and tricky to handle, according to McGregor.

Overall, the sheer weight of the stone was a consideration throughout the project. “The overall challenge that the project caused for us was the size and the weight of the stones when moving them around the house on the hill,” explained Buck. “The 3-foot stairs totaled 200 pounds and the three, 4-x 5-foot landing pieces were each 300 pounds. It was difficult to maneuver the pieces around the small space because of the size and weight factors.”

After all of the work was finally completed and the challenges were overcome, the two-year project was definitely a success. “Most people can’t believe the outcome of the final design,” said Buck. “It is a one-of-a-kind house.”

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Private Residence, Scottsdale, AZ

Designer/Builder: Paradise Valley Mountainside Homes, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Stone Fabricator/Installer: JT and the Boys, Scottsdale, AZ

Stone Supplier: World Wide Stone Corp., Scottsdale, AZ

Installation Products: Custom Building Products, Seal

Beach, CA