The first collection of designs in the Milan Modular Series of waterjet cut tiles is now available by the Tuscany Design Group, a design division of Precision Cut Technologies, Inc. Interchangeable inserts can be used to create unique custom designs. Materials such as limestone, marble, granite, glass, metal, wood and Corian can be combined to further personalize the modular inserts.

Circle No. 197

Introduced by Bellinzoni are two new water- and oil-repellent products, Idea HP and Idea XC. Both are water and oil repellent for stones, marble and granite.

Idea HP, formulated with a new solvent and raw materials, protects stone from water marks as well as oil and dirty stains. It is optimal for polished material and penetrates deep into the stone while blocking the efflorescence, thereby allowing the stone to breathe while not changing the color of the stone or creating an unsightly plastic film. Idea HP is most suitable for stone, marble, granite, cement and artificial stones for facades, tables, kitchens and vanity tops, according to the company.

While Idea HP protects stone surfaces from unnecessary water or oil mark damage only, Idea XC additionally gives a wet look to stone. Also ideal for polished materials, Idea XC makes the stone support water and oil by penetrating deep into the stone and protecting it from water and oily substances. New raw materials have permitted Bellinzoni to produce this new water and oil repellent, which can enhance the color of the stone and protect it from stains caused by oil and other penetrating substances. It can be applied to marble, granite and all natural and artificial stones.

Circle No. 198