The LaticreteR 254Pt platinum multipurpose thin-set mortar from Laticrete International, Inc. is now available at the top tier of the LaticreteR good-better-best strategy. The program also includes "good"-- LaticreteR 252Au silver multipurpose thin-set mortar-- and "better"-- LaticreteR 253Au gold multipurpose thin-set mortar.

The new platinum mortar is a polymer modified, thin-set mortar designed to install any type of stone and ceramic tile over concrete, exterior grade plywood and a range of "difficult to bond" substrates, including vinyl tile, cutback adhesive and existing ceramic tile. This product can be used on heavy traffic floors, underwater applications and for exterior facades.

"Laticrete 254Pt platinum multipurpose thin-set mortar has displayed such high performance that it is the only Laticrete multipurpose thin-set part of the 10-year warranty system," stated Mike Sawicki, Laticrete vice president of marketing. "It is the ultimate multipurpose thin-set for porcelain tiles, and will even tear off plywood masonry substrates if you try to remove the tile."

Circle No. 200