Bonsal has introduced ProPannelTM, a lightweight, waterproof backerboard that can be easily cut with a utility knife with no edge chipping, according to the company. The ProPannel backerboard utilizes an extruded polystyrene core that reduces weight, while serving as an anti-fracture membrane on a floor. Because ProPannel is waterproof, there is no need for a separate moisture barrier, Bonsal reports. The product is dust free and produces no carcinogens when handled or cut. It is ideal for wall installations and meets a light commercial rating for floor installations. According to the company, the product also exhibits insulation properties, which reduces heat loss through tiles and improves the efficiency of floor heating systems as well as lowering sound transmission levels. ProPannel is available in 1/2- inch, 3- x 5-inch sheets through distributors of Bonsal tile setting products. Circle No. 249