OTTOWA, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Vesta Marble and Granite recently presented a mosaic of Marilyn Monroe, which was created by master craftsman and artist Nadim Maatouk. This work of art is a depictive, rather than interpretive, rendition of the actress, according to the company.

The mosaic is constructed of approximately 4,000 pieces of marble and granite, which are 1- x 1-cm squares cut from thick stone. This workmanship illustrates the visual sense to conceive of and the patience to methodically search for each 1 x 1-cm square corresponding to an interpretation of a portion of brush strokes, reported Vesta Marble and Granite. Maatouk has worked in other mediums; for this rendition he has applied his experience as both a painter and a sculptor. “Craftsmanship and art have become an integral part of what we expect our buildings and homes to reflect,” stated the company. “This piece specifically illustrates a type of work that can be commissioned by clients at Vesta. The attention to detail required to produce this piece is also representative of the craftsmanship that we bring to all our projects.”