For cross cutting operations, Pedrini offers the M750CT system, which is an upgrade to the M750. The technology of the original model has been further developed to meet more complex requirements for productivity and work management, according to the company.

The new machine, with PC-controlled working cycles, is capable of “reading” the length of each strip, and performing a modular or sliding cut after the correct tool positioning. Features include operating continuity and speed -- even on short strips and fragile/thin materials -- simultaneous cycle steps,

cutting precision, elimination of bottlenecks and easy use in straight and U-shaped lines. Additionally, the new version enables the operator to optimize material use with the sliding cut, reports Pedrini.

The M750CT performs quickly and is able to simultaneously position and exclude the heads necessary for cutting.

A position linear transducer aligns the cutting heads and ensures the precision in the sliding cut. It also controls the stock to be left for the modular side calibration.

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