CHARLOTTE, NC -- Tenax USA opened its new U.S. warehouse and offices in Septemebr, and the event was inaugurated by the company's officers from Italy, including Gino Bombana, Tenax S.p.A. president.

The new building has a total space of about 9,100 square feet with 2,000 square feet of offices. It is equipped with automatic packaging machinery and streamline inventory management software to be able to deliver orders in less than 24 hours from reception. Tenax USA was incorporated in April 2000 to better serve the fast growing number of Tenax distributors and customers.

Since the beginning, Tenax USA has worked to establish successful relationships with its customers. Customer support, 24-hour technical service and a well-developed network of distributors are all a part of the total quality goal the company has worldwide. Together, with an ever-increasing number of customers, the number of employees is also growing to be able to follow the fast expansion and growing market share. At the moment, Tenax USA has five full time employees that follow sales, customer service, shipping, technical service and installation of products. Its warehouse space improved from 2,000 square feet to 9,100 square feet to be able to guarantee better availability of products.

From Charlotte, Tenax USA follows the U.S., Canadian and Caribbean market, importing and distributing up to two containers of material a month. Tenax at the same time has expanded its worldwide presence by opening Tenax do Brasil, Tenax Spain, Tenax Iran, Tenax Sicily and Tenax Toscana. Plans are on the way for opening several other subsidiaries in the rest of the world in the near future.