Prevent the transmission of stresses and cracks in stone and ceramic tile by pre-treating existing shrinkage cracks in concrete with the Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit, which is also equipped with Microban[r] antimicrobial protection to inhibit stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew in the substrates.

The Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit -- ideal wherever hairline cracking or “spiderwebbing” occurs in interior or exterior floors and walls -- consists of liquid rubber and reinforcing fabric that is packaged for convenient individual treatment of substrate cracks. When cured, it forms a highly flexible membrane that reduces or eliminates crack transmission in stonework or tile, according to the company.

The Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit is easy to apply, easy to clean up, fast curing and included in the Laticrete Residential Tile & Stone Installation Solutions.

The Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit is best utilized under residential applications of stone and ceramic tile installed by the thin-bed or bonded thick-bed methods. For commercial malls and lobbies, the Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit is recommended for suspended or on-grade concrete slabs.

“Not only does the Laticrete Crack Suppression Kit effectively reduce crack transmission in ceramic tile, thin brick and stone, but the product goes on quickly with a paint brush or roller -- no mixing or special equipment required,” said Sean Boyle, Laticrete product manager. “The kit has no solvents or harsh fumes, is non-flammable, meets the proposed ANSI specifications for crack isolation systems and is included under the Laticrete Lifetime Residential Warranty. It's a great preventative measure to take when completing a professional installation commercially or on the residential level.”

Circle No. 293