The newly developed Keramik tile drill bit from Keil is fitted with an extreme hard and sharp carbide tip, which was never available before with this hardness. The new technology allows drilling into the hardest stone materials. The 120-degree drill poi diamond, ground from tungsten-titanium, allows for drilling up to a hardness grade of 9 mohs. The drills are available in 5 sizes including 5*32 inch (4 mm), 15*64 inch (6 mm), 1-16 inch (8 mm) and 3-8 inch (10 mm). It is possible to drill from 10 up to 100 holes without sharpening the tip, reports Eze. With a little effort, the task of sharpening the tip is very easy. The man-ufacturer provides free instructions on how to sharpen the tip. The drill can be used in all rotary drills with high contact pressure, no hammer motion, rotary use only, cooling time 20 seconds with recommended speed at 1500 to 2000 rpm.

The Keramik tile drill bit also features an asymmetrical shape, cutting drilling spiral for optimum spoil removal, straight flute entry, burnished surface, and low stress high temperature brazing to prevent detachment of the carbide tip when drilling extremely dense materials.

Circle No. 297