The patented EnviroSystem from Water Treatment Technologies has been engineered to produce water of the highest quality, according to the manufacturer. Water Treatment Technologies reports that the EnviroSystem is the only filtration and recycling system that produces crystal clear water, filtered to less than 2 microns.

Because this system was designed exclusively for the stone fabrication industry, including engineered stone, all the nuances of this industry have been taken into consideration, and the results are a water recycling and filtration system that addresses specific industry needs, according to the company.

Not only does the EnviroSystem produce crystal clear water, but it was also designed so that it would be easy to clean and simple for users to dispose of the collected sediment. The inorganic waste that is a by-product of the EnviroSystem is easily disposed of via any garbage collection system, as it poses no hazard.

To address EPA or municipal inspector concerns, the EnviroSystem is a closed loop-system, with no industrial discharge permit required. Nothing goes down the drain, out the door or into a septic system.

Water Treatment Technologies pointed out that microns are not the only standard by which a filtration system's water quality is measured. For example, they stated that 5-micron water can be cloudy and have suspended particulates that are large enough to cause scratching. The water produced by Water Treatment Technologies' EnviroSystem is filtered to less than 2 microns and is also crystal clear -- a process achieved without flocculants. For more information, visit