PRINCETON, NJ -- The Retail Edge recently announced the installation of The Workshop Showcase system at Princeton Stone and Tile located in Princeton, NJ. Princeton Stone and Tile is a high-end retailer offering one of the area's most distinctive selections of stone and ceramic tiles. “The minute I saw the images on the 42-inch plasma television at The Retail Edge Showroom in New Rochelle, NY, I knew I had to get a Workshop for my store,” said Richard Kelly, founder and president of Princeton Stone and Tile. “The realistic patterns and images make it a lot easier for my customers to visualize what their finished project will look like. It has become the focal point of the store.”

The Retail Edge is a service and software company developing an interactive in-store retail channel for the home decor marketplace. The Retail Edge REG 3.0 software allows consumers, architects or decorators to design and print out realistic images of their walls, floor arrangements and fixtures.

“Princeton Stone and Tile, with its upwardly mobile, highly educated and very sophisticated customer base, is a perfect example of a dealer who will benefit enormously from The Workshop,” said Robert Minnick of The Retail Edge. “The Workshop's cutting edge technology targets their exact customer base. Not only does the Workshop sell more American Stone products, but it also clearly differentiates Princeton from all the other shops in the area.”