Once again, Salem Stone has released The Edge, its quarterly newsletter designed for successful stone fabricators. The publication contains articles covering topics such as strategies for operating a successful business and information on new products and their importance in the stone industry. Additionally, it also includes a news sections, complete with a calendar of events featuring upcoming trade shows and Stone World's fabrication workshops. One article in this edition of the newsletter, “To Rod or Not to Rod,” by Fred Hueston, takes a look at the pros and cons of rodding, and the controversy over whether it really provides strength or if it weakens the stone. Hueston also highlights considerations, preparations and techniques for rodding granite countertops. Another article called “Getting a Grip,” by Joe Landsverk, illustrates how to efficiently use a vacuum to lift and transport stone. It also explains how choosing the appropriate vacuum lifter can save time and increase profits by reducing worker fatigue and injuries, and by creating a more productive and cost-effective work environment. In addition, the newsletter contains a section called “Money Making/Saving Innovations From: Diamut,” which is featured in each issue.