A diamond tooling catalog to cut, grind, shape and polish natural stone

is now available through Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. Sections featured in the catalog include polishing tools, grinding tools, shaping tools, Tru-Form tools, cutting tools, coated tools and accessories. The company's diamond polishing discs are manufactured with unique bonds, patterns and diamond concentrations to suit a variety of surfaces and machinery. They are designed for long life, swarf removal and speed on granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete and agglomerate. Grinding of floors, edges, lippage and sinkholes are made easy with the company's complete family of grinding tools for all materials and attachments for every type of machine. Diamond shaping is available for all shapes, sizes, and positions and grits for profiling and edge work with adaptors to fit all machines. According to the company, Tru-Form tools are a “Quantum Leap” in efficiency and cost savings in profiling and shaping of marble, granite, concrete and other natural stones. In addition, diamond-cutting blades are available through the catalog for granite, marble, concrete, agglomerate and asphalt in all diameters and bonds to suit customers needs. Diamond Productions' diamond-coated tools are manufactured with the finest superabrasives, and all standard and custom shapes are available. The catalog also highlights the company's custom-designed tools, and pictures of each are provided. Accessories offered include holders and backplates -- available in rigid, flexible, double foam, single foam, soft foam, snailock attachments, etc.

Circle No. 290