Motion Technologies Engineering Group (MTEG) has recently introduced the MTEG Hydrodrive, a new planer drive. The drive is similar to the hydrostatic transmission drive of a dozer, but with electronic control and equipped with all necessary components required to be a self-contained machine drive, according to the company.

The company also reports that in a field test of one of the new drivers, no downtimes or drive failures were noted, and an increase in production was an additional benefit. Additionally, operating temperatures were low, bed travel and reversing was smooth and quiet, and the high torque output made the planer easier to operate.

The drive produces constant torque at all planer bed speeds. Planer bed speeds are infinitely variable, 0 to 150 feet per minute, forward and reverse, in manual and automatic modes.

The Hydrodrive includes a joystick control, a selector switch, a set of dials, a reversing switch, a thermometer and safety devices.

Circle No. 298