Custom[r] Building Products, a manufacturer of tile installation products, recently announced the introduction of Complete Contact[tm] and Complete Contact[tm] RS, polymer-modified, full contact mortars that are excellent for setting large modular tile and stone.

Using advanced mortar technology, Custom's new Complete Contact mortars provide full mortar transfer to the back of the tile, eliminating the need for back-buttering or “beating in” the tile, saving time and effort for the installation professional, Custom reports.

The new mortars are easy to use, with exceptional fluidity and superior handling characteristics, even though they require less water than traditional thin-sets. Complete Contact's advanced formula holds its ridges and supports the deeper notched trowels required for setting larger tile. This versatile mortar allows thin-bed as well as medium-bed applications for virtually any size tile, according to Custom Building Products.

“Custom's latest innovation in mortar technology gives tile professionals a product that makes their job easier,” said Diane Wood, senior product manager at Custom Building Products. “Complete Contact eases some of the physical demands of the installation because it is so easy to work with and it removes the need to back-butter or beat-in tile during the setting process. It actually eliminates a step. We are anticipating a tremendous response from our customers about Complete Contact.”

Complete Contact RS is rapid setting, ideal for industrial locations and commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, when fast curing is needed. Complete Contact RS uses Custom's exclusive CCT[tm] (Controlled Cure Technology), a fast-curing formula that provides high early and final strength, allowing surfaces to accommodate heavy commercial traffic just 24 hours after grout application, reports Custom Building Products.

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