Pedrini has developed a complete range of bridge saws able to meet every fabrication requirement, the company reports.

The range of Pedrini bridge saws can cover all processing steps, including cutting of semi-finished pieces such as slabs as well as shape cutting of small blocks. The machines are engineered for optimum processing speed and accuracy, so that the fabricators' subsequent steps are as simple as possible.

One priority for all machines is to ensure sturdiness in design. All of the models in Pedrini's range of bridge saws have a cast iron bridge. They include: Lux M920 for blades from 400 to 700 mm, Universal M940 for blades from 400 up to 900 mm, and M557 for blades up to 1700 mm.

The Lux and Universal series also includes numeric control versions, while the series M557, which is able to operate even with a 100-hp motor, is dedicated to heavier processing. All machines are equipped to carry out step cutting, which is necessary when processing particularly hard materials, and they can operate with a with tilted disc.

The Universal series of bridge saws features a special asymmetric structure, which enables the operator to control the working area from a comfortable position outside the machine. They can be equipped with a vertical axis tool spindle for true edging operations, or they can also feature a very simple turning unit that, through the machine software, enables production of different types of columns.

As a further support for its customers, Pedrini has established a call center for customer assistance, particularly for their numerically controlled saws.

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