The new Contourbreton NC260 by Breton S.p.A. of Castello di Godego (Treviso), Italy, is the alternative to the NC250 for those who want a larger worktable. Like all of Breton's contouring machines, the Contourbreton NC260 has been specifically designed to work natural stone and engineered stone without any technical compromises, reports the company. Among the features offered by this new machine are useful working travels of 3,500 x 2,300 mm, tool store with up to 36 positions, an aluminum worktable provided with grooves, an inclinable spindle, a continuous rotating a fourth “C” axis, a cutting unit with vertical circular blade for rectilinear cuts, a cutting unit with inclined convex blade for curvilinear cuts, laser tool control and touch probe with radio transmission to measure the piece to be worked. Additionally, the NC260 includes a special head to carry out drain boards with constant depth with respect to the slab polished face, BretonCam programming software with easy-to-use technological parametic macros, real accident prevention guards, and an electric plant complying with CENELEC European standards and with U.S. and Canada UL/CSA standards.