G.G. Tile & Marble Fabricators of Van Nuys, CA, recently invested in a Daytona XL edge profiling system from Matrix Stone Products. "We do the usual, like specialty countertops, a built-in Jacuzzi or roman tub along with an occasional exotically carved fireplace, custom floors of marble and tile, complete baths, kitchens, walls and all types of specialty stuff," said owner Guy Sebban. "You name it and we have probably done it."

Sebban explained that the company's client base is comprised mostly of contractors throughout Southern California. "Aside from our normal workload, our main job is to satisfy the needs of these contractors both in schedule and creativity," he said. "A good example is that we recently completed a project for The Gordon Gibson Contracting Co. They build new and remodeled luxury homes in extremely upscale areas such as Malibu and Pacific Palisades. These projects require the ultimate in craftsmanship, as most of the work is one-of-a-kind custom touches that require skill and patience."

One of the more challenging aspects of the company's business is the short timeframe in which most projects need to be completed. "Our workload is about 95% high-end residential, which is very tightly scheduled, so we could hardly afford a problem. This was the main reason for our decision to go with the [edging machine,]" said Manager Loren Sebban. "We needed something fast and reliable to maintain our business, and we love the fact that the Daytona XL allows us to pre-program and create custom programs. The machine is fast and efficient and the best thing is that we can ogee the edge to final polish."

G.G. Tile & Marble Fabricators is located at 14223 Bessemer Street, Van Nuys, CA, 91401; Phone: 818-779-1213; Fax: 818-779-1462.