Incounter's LazerTop digital template projector is new and improved, and now available in 3D for applications that require the templating of contoured surfaces such as drainboards, mantels, etc. The software accounts for variations in the z-axis to allow for the shape. Other applications include: CNC Machine-part and pod placement, countertop layout, bridge saw alignment, dynamic material optimization, and prefabricated component layout.

The new technology of digital templating has opened the door for a product like Incounter's LazerTop digital template projector. When operators and technicians used to have to guess, eyeball or manually fit irregular forms into a work station, now, laser diodes, directed by mirrors and driven by galvanometers, are using computer controls to direct the focused laser light onto a work surface in such a manner that the fast traveling laser point appears to become a solid defined shape on the work surface. It is also possible to have patterns loaded automatically from a centralized or decentralized processor. The projector can be mounted anywhere above the work surface within the projected area.

Circle No. 295