FlexiCAD software from Laser Template Inc. has been designed to simplify the measurement process and allow anyone to use the system for precision measurements regardless of their experience level. Measure lines, arcs, circles and even oval or odd shapes with ease and ability to complete the full drawing on site. You can use a remote control, take voice notes with jobsite photos and locations embedded into the software, or even have a final agreement with photos and a client signature ready to send from the jobsite to the office. Files can be exported as a detailed PDF with dimensions or a digital file ready for your CNC equipment. You may also plot on a vinyl template maker for in-between transitions.

The Flexijet 3D is the perfect tool to project points back out to the jobsite to support a speedy, accurate and clean installation. Find plumb points, transfer exact heights from one wall to another, relocate easily within a large work area to measure from multiple angles.

The Flexijet 3D can also be set-up for automatic measurements of an area to scan spaces and find high/low points of walls, cabinets or floors to obtain the levelness. The Flexijet can be used to show any CAD points measured or drawn into the software for a quick and easy follow-up on measurements.

Some salient features:

  • Automatic self-leveling
  • Touch sensor alarm to notify Laser Template that the unit has been kicked
  • Ability to check the level of the jobsite or cabinets within seconds
  • Ability to detect movement while measurement is being taken
  • Automatic scribe at any intervals given by the user
  • Manual, automated or Xbox remote-control measurement options
  • Custom symbols created for each client to use on the drawing
  • Built in touch screen for easy measurements
  • Built in camera that takes a picture of each measurement point