W. R. Bonsal Co., has expanded the packaging options for Bonsal B-7000 Epoxy Mortar & Grout, which turns Bonsal¿s sanded tile grout into 100% solid epoxy. The product is now available in 1- and 3-gallon pails. According to the company, the new 1-gallon container is more convenient for installers working on smaller jobs such as countertops, while the 3-gallon pail is more suitable for larger areas such as kitchen floors.

There is no need to buy separate epoxies for each grout color, since Bonsal B-7000 mixes with all 34 colors of Bonsal Polymer Modified Sanded Tile Grout. The product is colorless, so an exact match is obtained every time, according to Bonsal.

The 100% solid, chemical-resistant and water-cleanable tile setting and grouting epoxy cures by chemical reaction. There is no shrinkage, and the product is stain resistant, the company reports.

When used as a mortar, B-7000 will set natural stone, quarry tile, pavers, mosaic tile and ceramic tile. It is recommended for use where chemical resistance is needed, including food preparation areas, breweries and dairies. The product can also be used as a setting material in interior or exterior areas, but is not recommended for grouting absorptive marble or tile, since staining may occur.

Circle No. 249