GranQuartz of Atlanta, GA, is offering two versatile machines for fabricating bowl holes and drain boards, the Seelbach FPS-1600 and KPS-4500 XL Linear Guided Milling machines. The Seelbach machines, combined with the new Seelbach Linos 8000 stone polishing system, were designed to process basin cutouts and drain boards from start to finish quickly, accurately, and at an affordable price.

The Linos 8000 system is a vertically oscillating, quick-change head that, when paired with a series of high-quality polishing drums, speeds up processing time, increases tool life and produces a line-free polish, the company reports. The vertical oscillating motion is triggered and controlled by the operator when pressure is applied by the polishing drum against the workpiece. The oscillating head prolongs tool life by rapidly moving up and down, effectively spreading the workload evenly over the tool's full surface area while removing all polish imperfections. The system is designed with a pin-and-notch system to facilitate rapid tool changes, minimizing downtime.

The Seelbach Linear Guided Milling machines are highly versatile, as they mill and polish basin cutouts, drainboards, flutes and drill holes. Seelbach machines drop and polish a bowl hole in 45 minutes and can mill a total of five 2-foot-length flutes in less than one hour. Seelbach machines provide the efficiency and accuracy of much larger CNC type machines at an economical price.

The FPS-1600 is Seelbach's entry-level machine, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame with precise linear guides on three axes. The units measures 5 feet, 6 inches x 3 feet, 6 inches x 1 foot, 7 inches and has the following working range: X-axis travel is 4 feet, 4 inches; the Y-axis travel is 2 feet, 5 inches; and the Z-axis travel is 5 inches. The FPS-1600 mounts easily on slabs, holds templates securely and can easily be disassembled and relocated anywhere in the shop. The FPS-1600 is driven by a powerful 230-volt single-phase motor with dial-up variable speed control of 400 to 8,300 RPM.

The KFP-4500 XL is Seelbach's full-size milling and polishing station. The KFP unit performs all of the same tasks as the FPS model, but also has the ability to shape and polish outside edges. The KFP-4500 XL features a durable steel frame with linear slides on three axes, includes a vacuum system to secure work pieces and has a steel frame that holds templates in place. The unit measures 13 feet, 9 inches x 3 feet, 11 inches x 5 feet, 5 inches and has the following working range: the X-axis travel is a full 11 feet, 6 inches, the Y-axis travel is 2 feet, 8 inches, and the Z-axis travel is 5 inches. The KFP-4500 also includes a powerful 400-volt, three phase motor and dial-up speed control of 400-8300 RPM.

GranQuartz is the exclusive North American distributor of Seelbach milling machines and tooling.