Thibaut has recently introduced the T500, an updated, streamlined flat polishing machine. With two distinct sizes available, 2200 mm and 3170 mm, the T500 can process all types of materials, including granite, concrete and engineered stone. And because it has a 300-mm stroke, it can polish stones in various thicknesses.

Though the T500 has kept the same specifications as the earlier models -- including the ability to process convex, concave and random-shaped pieces -- its cosmetics were enhanced through the addition of a well-designed head enclosure.

The main characteristics of the T500 are a new cast iron bridge and framework, a simplified spindle head, increased vertical stroke (300 mm vs. 250 mm on preceding models), a new user-friendly console, substitution of linear rails instead of the former sleeve bearings and a width of 2220 mm, which allows for 5 type BS6 heads (instead of 4) in the magazine.

Options available include 3170 mm width, which allows for a 6-head magazine, plus 3 magazines of 5 heads each.

Circle No. 293