Tyrolit Vincent recently introduced a line of diamond wires for operating use with a wide range of stationary applications. A variety of advantages are available to users, through elements provided by this line of diamond wires. This will lead to higher speed, a good finish and precision cutting, whether profiling or block dressing, according to the company. Such advantages include newly developed bead geometries, designed to guarantee operating with low vibration, less friction and more stock removal. In addition, the plastic to beading anchorage guarantees high-tension rates. Tyrolit diamond wires come in several types differentiated by the diameter of the beads, the number of beads per meter and the type of assembly. For granite and sandstone, wires with 30 to 40 beads per meter with steel connection are used for block dressing or the production of slabs. Marble requires 30 to 36 beads per meter, either plastic or spring assembled with steel connection for block dressing or the production of slabs.

Circle No. 246