WOW Design, a specialist in small-format designer tiles, has once again set its sights on the US market, with a stand at Coverings conspicuous for its high design appeal and new collections that encapsulate a new high-tech, modern approach to architectural tiles. 

WOW’s tiles unite modernity with architectural potential in unique tile collections with a strong contemporary flair. 

One collection that stands out particularly is Trencadís, inspired by the artistic technique of the same name in which fragments of broken tiles are used to create decorative compositions. This technique is especially famous for its use in Modernist architecture and Art Nouveau. Through its reinterpretation, WOW introduces us to this richly expressive artistic trend. To achieve the effects set off by this new collection, WOW Design developed an innovative new production technique, which it has also applied to other series like Raster or Tesserae.

If the new products presented at Coverings stand out for one thing in particular, it is the variety of grooved effects and longitudinal volumes on the wall tiles. Two collections illustrate this to perfection: Twin Peaks and Faces. 

WOW Design started out by specializing in the design of unique 3D or volumetric tiles, a characteristic that set it apart from other companies. Twin Peaks and Faces remind us of its origins; roots that form part of the company’s DNA.

Varying spatial effects can be created with both collections, thanks to their raised, long or linear bars that cross surfaces vertically or horizontally. Rhythmic, repetitive, modern-looking patterns can be created, with charming interplay between light and shade able to infuse settings with a sense of depth and artisanal beauty, personalized as you wish. 

The Twin Peaks collection features angular upside-down V-shaped tiles in three different widths and another smooth-surfaced tile model. The sharp vertical lines make a stunning visual impact: they reflect the light and cast fascinating shadows that further accentuate their angular crests, forming dynamic patterns. The different-shaped 7.5x30cm tiles, available in 8 different colors, can all be inter-combined to form differing dynamic horizontal bands.

Faces offers unusually rich design potential with its endless visual scope. Thanks to its waves and its modular design, surfaces with a dynamic sense of movement can be created. The collection’s 5-x40-cm tile strips can be used to clad curved surfaces of any kind. In addition to Liso (a smooth-surfaced model), Hill forms angular crests, Dune has a convex rounded surface, Valley, as its name indicates, is U shaped and Coast can be used to create slender lines with curved contours.

The collection also includes a 12.5-x25-cm model called Bars, with different volumes, combinable with the rest of the collection. Like Twin Peaks, all the models in the Faces collection can be mixed and matched with one another to create endless architectural designs.

The collections that WOW will be presenting at Coverings, aimed at the North American market, are Trencadís, Wellness, Halo, Potters, Color Notes, Raster, Twin Peaks, Faces, Bits, Melange, Faces and Icon Inout. All of them are small-format signature tiles conspicuous for their purity of design, authenticity, and materiality.